Rainbow® Disc Bonanza™ Packs

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Rainbow® discs in a variety of sizes and weights for all your flying fun!

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Let your students pick the disc option that’s right for them out of a plethora of sizes and weights. These packs come in 2 varieties—plastic or soft discs—to help you give students the equipment befitting to their skill level and age. Packs of 36 flying discs are big enough to provide discs for everyone in your class!

Two Disc Options

Rainbow® Disc Bonanza™ Packs come with plastic or soft disc options, which extrapolates the possibilities for your class when it comes to activities within the disc unit. Within these 2 overarching options is a depth of possibility for students in the form of different sizes and weights, allowing them to select what feels right for them when the time comes for skills testing, partner play, or group games. These selections prevent students from having to learn with a disc that might be too big or too heavy for them to effectively use.

Rainbow® colors in both packs make organization easy! Let students pick their disc and select a color that they’ll remember, so that when it comes time for class activities they’ll always know which one is theirs. Color coordination is also great for breaking the class off into groups—all the red disc students can practice accuracy, while all the green disc students throw for distance, and so on.

Enough for Everyone

Plastic disc packs include 18 each AirRanger™ and 18 AirMaster™ discs for 2 distinct sizes and weights. Soft disc packs offer students 18 SkyBlazer™, 12 Lightweight Koala™, and 6 Heavyweight Koala™ discs for a variety of choices. Each set also comes with an included mesh carry bag that will keep everything contained and protected as they’re being transported to and from storage.

Rainbow® Disc Bonanza™ Pack Options

Rainbow® Disc Bonanza™ Packs are available in 2 varieties.