Rainbow® EnormaSport™ TREMENDisc™ Plastic Discs

Larger disc flies farther and is easier to catch!


This massive disc is the largest we offer, boasting both size and heft beyond any other disc on the market! Use it in any weather condition to achieve great games of toss and catch or distance throws. Incredible durability means it’ll stand up to institutional wear and tear for sustainable fun.


  • Size: 14” dia
  • Weight: 272 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

The Largest Disc We Offer

With absolutely monstrous proportions, this 14” dia, 272 g disc is by far the largest disc we offer—it’s 40% larger than a traditional disc! With the inflated size and weight comes a range of possibilities for your toss and catch unit. The enormous size provides a generous catch area that’s comfortably approached by students of all ages, while its contoured edge works to enhance grip when both throwing and catching.

Students will have no trouble seeing and tracking the flight path of this disc either; it’s hard to miss! A ribbed top design also provides stability while the disc is gliding, to prevent flipping or rolling that could cut its distance short. Further, an aerodynamic construction cuts through gusts and weather to stay on course throughout the flight.

Superior Durability

Durable plastic keeps this disc as strong as possible at its incredible size, ensuring its dimensions and weight aren’t used against it. In the event of a collision, this disc will flex slightly to mitigate the shock of the impact, which preserves the shape of the disc without cracking or splintering it. In addition, its construction will stand up to weathering and outdoor elements, which can take their toll on lesser discs, leaving them warped and worn, affecting their flight capabilities.

Bright Colors

Rainbow® colors take the intimidation out of the size of these discs, to provide younger students with a fun way to immerse themselves in disc activities. Colors are also the ideal way to pair off students and groups, to keep everyone on task, doing what they’re supposed to. Incorporate new rules and scoring into games via each of the 6 color options for even more possibilities for fun! Set includes 1 of each color. 

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  • Item No: 20-533
  • Unit: Set of 6
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