Rainbow® Koala™ Coated-Foam Discs

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Our toughest, longest-lasting coated-foam discs.

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Extremely lightweight, yet durable enough to stand up to both indoor and outdoor institutional play, this foam disc is an optimal choice for younger students. An outer skin provides great grip and control for comfort and confidence, while the dimensions of the disc lend themselves to smaller hands. Rainbow® colors are non-intimidating and great for organization.


  • Size: 9-3/4” dia
  • Weight: 35 or 65 g
  • Great for ages 12 and under

Thick Coated Foam

The foundational material of these discs is a cushioned, soft foam that provides instant comfort when gripped by younger students. Instead of hard plastic, foam offers “give” that makes holding, catching, and throwing much safer and gentler. Foam is also tremendously porous—the heavyweight option for these discs weighs just 65 g, with the lightweight units weighing just 35 g!

Offering additional protection for the foam construction is a coated “skin” that prevents moisture and other detractors from damaging the core of the disc. This exterior coating is also responsible for helping the disc retain its shape even in the face of institutional wear and tear. When it impacts the ground or is snatched out of the air, the disc will quickly reform to its usual shape, with the protective coating to thank for a clean, durable feel.

Great Control

Textured surface adds a depth of control to these foam discs that makes them fundamentally sound for younger students. Better grip means less chance for errant throws to strike other students or for discs to get lost in roughage or on rooftops! Instead, your students will enjoy controlled, straight travel as the default disc behavior, giving them the confidence to keep on throwing to improve distance and accuracy.

Bright Colors

Coupled with their smaller size and lightweight nature, Rainbow® colors make these the most inviting and non-intimidating discs we offer! Friendly colors encourage students to pick up discs and when they do, they quickly see that there’s nothing to fear.

When it comes to group activities and partner toss and catch situations, colors are the ideal way to divide up your class and keep everyone on task. You can even use colors to spice up games and activities—make the red disc worth double points or the blue disc the only option to accomplish a certain game objective. Students will love the excitement colors add to everyday games!

Rainbow® Koala™ Coated-Foam Disc Options

Rainbow® Koala™ Coated-Foam Discs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 options.

  • Lightweight, 35 g
  • Heavyweight, 65 g