Rainbow® SoftSoar™ Foam Discs

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Durable foam discs soar above the rest!

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Semi-soft foam is the perfect intermediate between full-foam discs and hard plastic options, making it an ideal stepping stone as students graduate from beginner to intermediate proficiency. More durable construction means discs will fly further and quicker, indoors or out. Rainbow® colors are perfect for organization and team play.


  • Size: 8” dia
  • Great for ages 12 and under

A Happy Medium

Firmer than our SkyBlazer™ discs, yet not as hard as full plastic options, students will enjoy a happy medium of friendly material and responsive control each time these discs come into play. Similar to a soft foam Frisbee®, the material is squishy to the touch, offering lots of flexibility and cushion when catching. A slight firmness enhances throwing, however, giving you the ability to put more zip on the disc for further, more controlled flights.

A tough outer skin protects the integrity of the mid-grade foam, ensuring it doesn’t succumb to abuse either indoors or out. Moisture, debris, and physical abuse are all kept at bay thanks to this invisible outer layer. Moreover, it’ll help the foam retain its malleability longer as this porous material quickly springs back into shape after you let go.

Tough, Sleek Design

Toughness and durability are cornerstones of these discs and will lend themselves to heavy institutional play by younger students. Whether you’re using them indoor or out, count on discs to stand up to ricocheting off of hard surfaces, being snatched out of the air by players, or even accidently thrown into hazards! Best of all, when used indoors, you can be sure they won’t mark or mar your surfaces, thanks to their cushion impact construction.

Part of what makes these foam discs so resilient is their design: they’re meant to fly true to your throw, preventing errant tosses that could end with damage to the disk. The low-profile design is aerodynamic and sleek, reducing drag and facilitating a better glide as the discs float safely towards their final destination.

Eye-Catching Colors

Rainbow® colors are ideal for organizing classes and specifying activities and tasks. Set up stations with specific colors to keep everyone on-task and practicing their skills—red discs practice forehand throwing, yellow discs practice one-handed catching, green discs work on accuracy, and so on. Or, create games with different point values based on color, to make everyday activities even more exciting for students! Available in Rainbow® Set of 6 or Class Set of 48.