Rainbow Spin Jammer Specialty Discs

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Center cone allows for brightly-colored finger spins, fun games, and more!

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Teaching students trick plays and critical disc skills has never been easier or more fun. Spin Jammer discs will quickly help students become comfortable with a variety of freestyle techniques, while also engraining fundamental handling skills. Two size options and 2 colors means tailoring your class’ experience to best fit their needs.

Teach Tricks and Build Confidence

The unique center molded cone of these discs provides an instant way to teach tricks to students and incorporate them into freestyle games for added fun and excitement. For example, students can place the center of the disc on their finger and spin it rapidly—much like a basketball—to show off balancing. Raise the stakes by passing the spinning disc to another player without dropping it, or popping it into the air and catching it again without stopping the spin. Tricks can increase in difficulty until players are no longer able to perform them, with the winners of the game being those students who can complete the most tricks.

Teaching tricks is more than just a way to help students show off and have fun—it also helps them build comfort and confidence with discs. As they become acclimated with disc behaviors and handling, students will begin to naturally develop throwing and catching skills, which will aid them in games of disc golf or Ultimate.

An included DVD works to teach a wide variety of tricks to students, giving them a visual outlet for learning the basics at a fundamental level.

Two Sizes and Two Colors

Two sizes (8.75” dia and 9.75” dia) give you the ability to cater to both younger and older students with a disc size that’s amiable to them. Younger students will love the smaller size, which offers a better grip and a lower overall weight, making it easier for them to become comfortable with throwing and catching. Conversely, older students will enjoy the 9.75” dia and 134 g weight because it allows them to indulge in more advanced tricks and skills comfortably.

Rainbow® color options make it easy to divide up and organize classes, whether it’s practice time or you’re putting together a competition. Have red discs set up for spinning practice or blue discs used for target practice—then, when the time comes for competition, give each student a different color for easy organization as your class determines who the most skilled is with a disc in hand!

Rainbow® Spin Jammer® Options

Rainbow® Spin Jammers® are available in Packs or Sets in 2 sizes.

Disc Packs of 18

  • 8.75” dia, 94 g
  • 9.75” dia, 134 g

Rainbow® Sets of 6

  • 8.75” dia, 94 g
  • 9.75” dia, 134 g