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Innova™ Disc Golf Discs
Frisbee® Ultimate Disc
Gopher QuikShot™ Disc Golf Discs
Rainbow® AirRanger™ Plastic Discs
Rainbow® SkyBlazer™ Foam Discs
Rainbow® AirCommander™ Plastic Discs
Rainbow® AirMaster™ Plastic Discs
Rainbow® EndZone™ Ultimate Disc
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Gopher Indoor/Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Set
Aerobie® Superdisc™
Frisbee® Heavyweight™ Disc
GamePlay™ DiscBonk™ Set
Frisbee® Pro Classic™ Disc
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Frisbee® All-Sport™ Disc
Fun Gripper™ Disc
Rainbow® SoftSoar™ Foam Discs
Aerobie® Soaring Rings
Dynamix™ All-Around Disc
DISCatcher® Traveler™ Disc Golf Target
Outdoor FlipDown Target™ Set
ClassPlus™ Disc Golf Packs
Frisbee® Freestyle™ Disc
Innova™ SkillShot™ Portable Disc Golf Target
Rainbow® InReach™ Foam Disc
Rainbow® LiteFlite™ Uncoated-Foam Discs
Indoor FlipDown Target™ Set
Rainbow® Disc Bonanza™ Packs
Elite Hoop Disc Target Set
Rainbow® EnormaSport™ TREMENDisc™ Plastic Discs
Gopher QuikShot™ Portable Targets
GoDark Disc

GoDark Disc

ClassPlus™ CompleteCourse™ Disc Golf Pack
Gopher BigShot™ Disc
DISCatcher® Permanent-Mount Disc Golf Target

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Browse the variety of disc golf equipment for sale at Gopher Sport!

Gopher's assortment of disc golf gear lets PE teachers and students enjoy the versatility of the game indoors and out! Our targets are available in several designs and sizes, letting teachers create their own courses and tailor them to meet all skill levels. Long-lasting construction ensures these disc golf targets will withstand consistent use for years to come.

Disc golf discs vary in skill levels and capabilities depending on their weight, design, and power, so students can practice and improve their throwing and aiming skills. Just like normal golf, there are drivers, mid-range, and putters, allowing students to easily select the disc they need for a particular throw.

Shop our assortment of disc golf equipment to create excitement in your class!