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Biggie Disc

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Buy colorful recreational discs from Gopher Sport for high-flying fun in PE class or recreational programs!

Whether you’re teaching the fundamentals of throwing or getting ready for a high-action tossing game, you’ll find the discs you need here at Gopher! The bright colors of the discs are easy to track while flying, while the unique designs ensure you will find the options that works best for your PE classes.

Friendly, foam discs are a superb option for teaching younger students about throwing indoors. The foam is soft and lightweight, making these discs non-intimidating for beginners. Foam discs will not scuff floors if used in the gym.

As skills progress, students can move on to classic plastic discs. Available in several sizes, these discs fly farther and truer than foam options. Contoured edges make it easy to catch these rigid discs.

Shop for recreational flying discs from Gopher!