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Gopher QuikShot Portable Targets
SnapShot Disc Target Set

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Buy disc golf targets for classes and teams at Gopher Sport!

Incorporate throwing and aiming skills into PE classes with Frisbee golf targets! Course setup is quick and easy, thanks to Gopher's unique disc golf portable targets with built-in wheels and large number markers. Convenient packs include multiple targets plus discs for less prep and more play! Looking for a permanent solution? In-ground targets withstand outdoor elements for years and meet professional golf guidelines.

If you are looking for a new throwing challenge, versatile and portable hoop sets are great for target activities like football toss games with younger students. Interchangeable design allows you to place hoops at various heights in fun, new combinations. Or, choose flip down targets with magnets that provide instant feedback and get students cheering when they hit the bull’s-eye!

Purchase disc golf targets from Gopher!

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