STX® Field Hockey Set

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Our strongest, best performing field hockey stick.

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STX® field hockey sticks are the perfect segue for beginners as they branch out their skills and begin to develop beyond the fundamentals. Their forgiving nature accommodates growth, yet offers students the handling and power capabilities they’re looking for. Lightweight and durable design is perfect for institutional longevity. Sticks are available in sets and individually!

Forgiving for Beginners

Though they sport the very realistic feeling of much more advanced models, these STX® field hockey sticks are accessible to beginners and lower-level intermediate players in the forgiveness of their design. It can be used in any position on the field to help students get familiar with the role of each player. It also supports both power and handling specifically, allowing players to better address their own growth as they focus on these areas of play.

A midi toe design makes handling balls easier, whether fielding, passing, or taking a shot on goal. When students do wind up to deliver a powerful shot, the lightweight nature of the stick means more velocity on the downswing, with a higher level of contact coming from the accommodating face size. Shots will be faster, more on target, and better executed by players, allowing them to take the next step forward in their mastery of the sport.

Lightweight, Yet Strong

Made with 100% fiberglass, handling and maneuvering of these sticks is made incredibly easy thanks to an unparalleled lightweight design. Students will find these sticks easy to shift, swing, and run with—there’s nothing cumbersome about fiberglass!

Fiberglass is also less rigid than many other materials, allowing it to take more abuse through flexibility without breaking or compromising. This is extremely beneficial to up and coming players who are proficient in their handling, but who might still make mistakes that cause impact with the ground or other players’ sticks.

STX® Field Hockey Set Options

STX® Field Hockey Set is available as a 12-Player Set. Individual Stick sold separately.Colors and graphics may vary on sticks.

  • 12-Player Set
  • Individual 36”L Stick
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