World-Class Field Hockey Goal

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The strongest official goal in the industry!

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Give your students the full field hockey experience with these official-sized goals! Their sturdy frame design and superior quality net stand up to heavy play by even the most advanced students, without compromising. Included wheels make setup and maneuvering easy, from the field to the storage shed. Nets can be purchased individually or as a set.

Incredible Strength

Designed with a 2” square, heavy gauge aluminum frame, no amount of weathering or abuse is going to damage the integrity of these nets! The front goal mouth and rear frame are welded together into a single piece for optimal durability in the face of institutional use and abuse.

Even the nets featured on these goals is designed with longevity in mind! Nets measure 7'H x 12'W and are black in color. Thanks to 2-1/2 mm gauge netting, they weigh just 13 lb total, yet have exceptional stopping power and resistance to fraying or tearing.

Easy Setup and Mobility

The front mouth of this goal is already primed and painted white for easy identification, ensuring you’re able to set things up without any confusion. Goals are also shipped with 3/4" x 18"H black wood bottom boards, already assembled to alleviate complicated setup. There are just 6 total pieces per goal, which can be assembled in mere minutes when it’s time to play.

Once the entire goal is assembled, transport to your intended play area is made easy by two 10” all-terrain wheels. Traverse pavement, curbs, gravel, and grass to situate your goals exactly where they need to be on the playing field. Transporting them back to storage is just as easy and saves you the time and trouble of setting up and taking down nets each time you use them.

World-Class Field Hockey Goal Options

World-Class Field Hockey Goals are available Individually or as a Pair. Nylon Net sold separately. Truck delivery on goals.

  • Individual Goal, 12’W x 7’H x 2’D, 175 lb
  • Pair of Goals, 350 lb
  • Nylon Net, 2-1/2” mesh
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