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ClipPro Flag Belt System
Rainbow® Infinite™ Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ Flag Belt System
Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ EZPull™ Flag Belt System
CoachPlus™ Flag Football Packs
StickPro™ All-Velcro® Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ MagnePull™ Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System
Rainbow® RecessReady™ Footballs
ClickPro™ Official Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Loop'D™ Flag Belt System
Mikasa® F6000 Composite Footballs
Athletic Field Marking Chalk
Baden® QB1™ Composite Footballs
Baden® QB™ Composite Football
Jaypro EasyLiner Aerosol Spray Kit
SupaTurf TXE Paint Line Marker
Baden® QB1™ All Weather Game Microfiber Football
Field Marking Paint
Fox 40® Pealess Whistles
Push-Button Signal Horn
Athletic Field Marker
Clipboard with Timer
Performer™ Rubber Footballs
Pea-Style Whistles
Pealess Whistles
Gopher Comp 1000™ Composite Footballs
50"H Ultimate Cone
Rainbow® Plastic Cones
Classic Clipboard
String Reel

String Reel

Vinyl Cones

Vinyl Cones

Field Marking Spray Paint
Officials' Pinnie and Shirts
Wilson® 1005 NCAA® Leather Football
Heavyweight Vinyl Cones

Go long on performance when you buy flag football equipment from Gopher Sport!

If you're looking for a durable flag football set, you've come to the right place! From belts to balls to cones, Gopher carries all of the flag football gear that physical education teachers and coaches need to get the team in formation.

Our assortment provides teachers with everything they need. They can get smaller sets of flags belts for small-sided games, or all-inclusive flag football packs with enough equipment for the entire class.

If you need more than just belts, Gopher also supplies teachers and coaches with flag footballs for kids and adults. You will also find field marking equipment, team identifiers, and coaching equipment!

Shop for top-of-the-line flag football equipment from Gopher!