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ClickPro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System

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Durable fabric sliders adjust for custom flag placement!

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Adjustable Flag Placement

This belt features our ClickPro™ buckle along with adjustable flags, allowing this flag release belt to be customizable for a perfect fit. Flags Velcro on and off the belts’ adjustable sliding fabric sliders to signify a tackle or tag. The Velcro is triple-stitched to the flags and the belt for extra durability.

Adjusting the size of the belt is easy. The ClickPro™ buckle has 1 receiver end and 1 insert end. To put on the buckle, simply insert the flat end into the receiver until you hear a “click,” which means the buckle has locked into place. On the flat insert end there is an easy adjustment tab. All you need to do to tighten is lock the buckle then pull on the belt tab and tighten to your desired size. To loosen, simply lift the insert part of the buckle toward the receiver end, and move it away from your body.

Other Activities

One great additional activity this belt can be used for is called “Sharpshooters.” In this game, players work to score a bullseye by throwing a ball through any of 3 targets. The goal is set as a three-sided backboard, each side having its own 18-inch hole. You can use the same lines used in Hoops, so five-point and three-point bullseye varieties can be scored. However, players are not allowed to shoot inside the rebounding area, but they can rebound and receive passes there. They cannot have their flags pulled in this area.

Any violations or flag belt pulls result in 2 points and possession of the ball for the other team. The violator must also go to the penalty box until someone scores. If there are 2 players on the same team in the penalty box at the same time, the other team gets 3 bonus points, and each player gets a free throw of their choice. After each player shoots, a new group comes on to play. Groups also switch after a regular bullseye, with each group beginning play with a jump ball.


  • All 4 sets are available in medium and large sizes. Medium fits waists measuring 26” to 38”, large fits 30” to 44”. Medium belts are blue and large are white, which makes it easier to discern sizes.
  • 6-, 12-, and 24-player sets come with red and blue flags. 36-player sets come with 6 belts in each Rainbow® color.
  • Each belt has a one-click buckle and three 17”L vinyl-coated flags in the same color that attach with Velcro® to moveable sliders so students can easily adjust their flags for a custom fit or alter the difficulty of the game. The sliders are soft for comfort and safety and have a grippy lining so they always stay in place.

ClickPro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System Options

ClickPro™ Adjustable Flag Belt Systems are available in Sets in 2 sizes. Replacement Buckles and Flags sold separately.

Flag Belt Sizes

  • Medium, 26”-38” (Blue Belt)
  • Large, 30”-44” (White Belt)

Rainbow® 36-Player Sets

Include 36 belts (Rainbow® color flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

24-Player Sets. Include 24 belts (Red/Blue flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

12-Player Sets. Include 12 belts with Red or Blue flags.

6-Player Sets. Include 6 belts with Red or Blue flags.


  • Replacement Buckles
  • Red Flags
  • Blue Flags


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