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ClickPro™ Flag Belt System

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Putting on and taking off this belt is a cinch with its one-click front buckle!

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Simply slide and “click” to secure this belt buckle. Pressure from a single finger to the front button releases it, unlike traditional slide-release buckles that require precise pinching. The lightweight plastic buckle system is enclosed, protecting parts and ensuring longevity. 

Single-Button Buckle

This flag belt flag removal system features a unique buckle that has a single one-click design. Press the button on the front, and it easily comes on or off. The buckle has 1 receiver end and 1 insert end. Just put the flag end into the receiver until you hear a “click,” which means the buckle is locked and you are ready to go!

On the flat insert end there is an easy adjustment tab. All you need to do to tighten the belt is lock the buckle, then pull the belt tab and tighten to the desired size. Loosening is also simple. Just lift the insert part of the buckle, lifting it up toward the receiver end and moving it slowly away from your body. The belt will then automatically loosen by providing slack.

Other Activities

One great additional activity this belt can be used for is called “Sharpshooters.” In this game, players score a bullseye when the ball is thrown through 1 of 3 targets. The goal itself is a three-sided backboard, with each side having an 18-inch hole. A bullseye scored behind the five-point line used in Hoops is also 5 points in Sharpshooters. Inside this area up to the rebounding box is worth 3 points. Players are not allowed to shoot from inside the rebounding box. In this area, players are protected from flag belt pulls, but can still rebound and receive passes.

Violations and flag belt pulls result in 2 points and possession of the ball. The violator must also go to the penalty box until someone scores. If there are 2 players on the same team in the penalty box at the same time, the other team gets 3 bonus points, and each player gets a free throw of their choice. After each player shoots, a new group comes on to play. Groups also switch after a regular bullseye, with each group beginning play with a jump ball.


  • The belt always stays on the player with this system. This flag release style features a flag attached with Velcro to the belt, and then pulled off to signal a tackle or tag. The flags are designed to be durable and resist ripping, even when wet.
  • All 4 sets are available in medium (26” to 38”) and large (30” to 44”) sets. Medium sizes have blue belts, and large sizes have white, making it easy for players to see which size is which.
  • 6-, 12-, and 24- player sets are available with red and blue flags. 36-player sets feature 6 of each Rainbow® color.
  • Every belt has three 17”L durable flags of the same color in Rainbow®, Red, or Blue. Flags attach to the 1-1/2”L nylon belt at each hip and on the back. Velcro® swatches on the flags and belt are triple-stitched for enhanced durability.

ClickPro™ Flag Belt System Options

ClickPro™ Flag Belt Systems are available in Sets in 2 sizes. Replacement Buckles and Flags sold separately.

Flag Belt Sizes

  • Medium, 26”-38” (Blue Belt)
  • Large, 30”-44” (White Belt)

Rainbow® 36-Player Sets. Includes 36 belts (Rainbow® color flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

24-Player Sets. Include 24 belts (Red/Blue flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

12-Player Sets. Include 12 belts with Red or Blue flags.

6-Player Sets. Include 6 belts with Red or Blue flags.


  • Replacement Buckles
  • Rainbow® Flags (2 each color)
  • Red Flags
  • Blue Flags 


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