MagnePro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System

Flags adjust for perfect placement every play!


The belt-release system in these flags features our easy-to-use MagnePro™ buckle and three 17”L vinyl-coated flags that have been triple-stitched onto durable fabric sliders so students can adjust their flags for a better fit or to vary game difficulty. The sliders are soft for comfort and safety, and have a grippy lining so they stay where they’re placed.

Versatile Use

While these belts have been designed primarily with flag football in mind, they can also be used in other activities. For example, you could play a modified version of handball, in which 2 teams of 3 or 4 play each other. One team throws the ball into a soccer-style goal with the thrower positioning themselves behind a restraining line. Goals count as 3 points with specialty shots (behind the back, between the legs) counting as 5 points.

Goalies, whose belts cannot be pulled while in the pyramid, have their scores doubled. They must step outside the pyramid or throw the ball to a teammate within 5 seconds after holding the ball in safety, which encourages them to score. At the same time, no one can play defense in the goalie box but the goalie. If this occurs, the other team is awarded 3 points and possession of the ball. Possession after a violation is taken to a sideline and run or thrown in, or thrown to the goalie, who can immediately run with or throw the ball. After a goal is scored, a new group comes out to play.

Belt and Buckle Design

This flag belt system features an innovative buckle that stays secure until flags are pulled or the game is over. A perfectly polarized buckle makes this the easiest belt to put on and ensures it stays in place throughout game play. It is made with a lightweight molded plastic, which features encased magnets and rounded edges for greater user safety.

The belt also features adjustable flag positions. Flags are triple-stitched onto soft and durable fabric sliders that are designed to be easily adjustable, making sure kids’ flags are in the proper position and will not move during play based on the inside of these fabric sliders, which have a grippy lining. This overall durability makes the belt perfect for schools and after school programs.


  • This one is a belt release. The entire belt comes off to show the student has been tagged or tackled.
  • All belts and flags are made with a fast-drying, non-stretch, rip-resistant nylon. This ensures they will hold up to game after game of use.
  • All 3 sets come in medium and large sizes, with medium fitting waists 26” to 38” and large fitting waists 30” to 44”. This allows you to outfit your entire class with the appropriate size for them. Medium belts are blue, and large are white.
  • 6-, 12-, and 24-player sets are available with red and blue flags.
  • The belt-release system features our MagnePro™ buckle and three 17”L vinyl-coated flags triple-stitched onto durable fabric sliders. Replacement buckles are available in sets of 12.

MagnePro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System Options

MagnePro™ Adjustable Flag Belt Systems are available in Sets in 2 sizes. Replacement Buckles sold separately.

Flag Belt Sizes

  • Medium, 26”-38” (Blue Belt)
  • Large, 30”-44” (White Belt)

24-Player Sets. Include 24 belts (Red/Blue flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

12-Player Sets. Include 12 belts with Red or Blue flags.

6-Player Sets. Include 6 belts with Red or Blue flags.

Replacement Buckles

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