Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt System

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Quick-release buckle releases the entire belt when pulled but won't release accidentally during play.

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Other Activities

These belts have been designed for flag football play, but can be used for other types of activities as well. One example of an alternate game is Advanced Kickball. In this game, players can use their hands if the ball has been kicked into the air or thrown. If the ball bounces or rolls on the ground, players are restricted to kicking the ball or using their feet to lift it into the air. Scoring can be accomplished by throwing the ball into the goal, with extra points being awarded for specialty shots. The ball can also be kicked in for a goal.

Goalies are protected from flag belt “pulls” as long as they are within their pyramid. They have only 5 seconds to hold the ball in this pyramid, where they can also use their hands to pick up the ball. The defense is not allowed to guard inside the goal box. After a group scores, a new group enters the game.

Quick Release Buckle

These buckles feature the Rip Flag-patented buckle that has a friction design in which one end of the buckle fits into the other for a secure hold. These belts were the first of their kind, and feature a high-tensile strength polyester. The flags are made of a super tough vinyl that will never soil, tear, or deteriorate. Several team colors are available.

The molded buckle is strong and allows it to be a great option to withstand use in institutional settings like schools and after school programs.


  • All 4 sets are available in medium and large, with medium fitting waists between 26” and 38”, and large fitting waists between 30” and 40”. This allows you to get great fits for your entire class.
  • 6-, 12-, and 24-player sets are available in red and yellow flags. 36-player sets come in sets of 36 with 6 belts of each Rainbow® color.
  • All 3 flags are permanently attached to the belt, so the whole belt releases when a flag is pulled. A one-piece design means no time spent attaching flags, no lost flags, and fewer arguments about being “down.” Each belt features flags in one color. 

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt System Options

Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt Systems are available in Sets in 3 sizes. Replacement Sets sold separately.

Flag Belt Sizes

  • Medium, 26”-38” (Blue Belt)
  • Large, 30”-44” (White Belt)
  • X-Large, 36”-52” (Orange Belt) *Excludes Rainbow® 36-Player Sets

Rainbow® 36-Player Sets. Include 36 belts (Rainbow® color flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

24-Player Sets. Include 24 belts (Red/Yellow flags) and a VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bag.

12-Player Sets. Include 12 belts with Red or Yellow flags.

6-Player Sets. Include 6 belts with Red or Yellow flags.


  • Replacement Rainbow® Set, Medium
  • Replacement Rainbow® Set, Large