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ClipPro Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Flag Belt System
Rainbow® Infinite™ Flag Belt System
Rip Flag® Quick-Release Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ Flag Belt System
StickPro™ All-Velcro® Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ EZPull™ Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ MagnePull™ Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ Official Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System
ClickPro™ Adjustable Flag Belt System
MagnePro™ Loop'D™ Flag Belt System

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Buckle up for every play when you shop for adult and youth flag football belts from Gopher Sport!

Gopher makes it easy for physical education teachers and coaches to find the best belts for flag football. Our innovative belts are specially designed for student use in the gym or out on the field during recreational games.

Our assortment of flag belts helps teachers and coaches discover the flag football flag belts that work best with the preferences of their students and players. Options include magnetized or standard buckles, stationary or moveable flags, and even belts with nylon loops instead of standard flags.

Shop Gopher’s flag football belt collection and find your next easy-to-use set!