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Floor Hockey Balls
Floor Hockey Pucks
Shield Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks
QwikPro™ Floor Hockey Pop-Up Goals
Cosom Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks
UltraSoft™ Polo Sets
UltraSoft™ Floor Hockey Sets
Gopher PowerPlay ABS-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
Shield® Hex Hockey Balls
Protective Eyewear
Shield® Replacement Parts
RinkPro Floor Hockey Goals
Gopher PowerPlay Fiberglass-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
DOM Elite Floor Hockey Sets
Mylec® Folding PVC Floor Hockey Goal
Mylec® Goalie Floor Hockey Equipment
Foam Blade Covers
Shield LTG Floor Hockey Sets
DOM® Supersafe™ Floor Hockey Sets
DOM Cup and Pro Floor Hockey Sets
DOM® Replacement Blades
Mylec Non-Folding PVC Floor Hockey Goals
Cosom Power Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
Soft-Stix™ Polo and Floor Hockey Sets
Shield Wood-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
Shield Aluminum-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
DOM Excel Floor Hockey Sets
Foam Floor Hockey Sets
EnormaSport™ Hulkey™ Hockey Set
ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Basic Hockey Packs
RinkKing™ Floor Hockey Storage Cart
DOM Ringette Sets
Rainbow® Phenom™ Floor Hockey Set
Gopher PowerPlay™ Goalie Sticks
Mylec® Steel Floor Hockey Goals
ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Deluxe Hockey Packs
SportSkillz™ Floor Hockey Training Station Packs
Gopher PowerPlay Aluminum-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets
UltraSoft Jr. Floor Hockey and Polo Sets

Buy tough kids floor hockey equipment from Gopher Sport!

Floor hockey games are the perfect way to introduce students to the thrills of hockey. Gopher’s variety of sticks, goals, pucks, and balls means teachers and coaches can tailor each game to the ability of their students and players.

We offer sticks individually or in convenient packs with everything teachers need to get the entire class playing. All equipment can be used on any surface for a pick-up game of floor hockey wherever you want. You can also keep players safe and in the game with protective gear.

Shop for reliable and long-lasting floor hockey equipment at Gopher!