Bell® Multisport Helmet


Tough enough to take abuse in almost any activity!

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Featuring a shock-resistant ABS-plastic outer shell, this helmet provides outstanding comfort thanks to 11 ventilation points and riveted straps. Its polystyrene liner has interchangeable foam pads for a comfortable fit.


  • Helmet features a high-quality ABS shell that stands up to high levels of impact and will always maintain its integrity, avoiding cracking or splitting. The polystyrene liner is designed to provide optimal cushion to shield users from impact.
  • A strong nylon strap riveted into the helmet ensures a more secure placement during use. Adding to the comfort is an adjustable chin strap to give you the perfect fit, and a series of 11 ventilation points that help you keep your head cool during gameplay.
  • The design for the helmet is made to be as simple as possible. There’s no face mask or padded chin to worry about. Just slip it on, buckle up, and start playing!
  • Two sizes make the helmet suitable for jr and youth players.

Bell® Multisport Helmet Options

Bell® Multisport Helmets are available in 2 sizes.

  • Jr (Size 6-3/8 to 6-7/8, Ages 5-8)
  • Youth (Size 7 to 7-1/2, Ages 8-14)