ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Basic Hockey Packs

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Complete 12-player packs include everything for a successful game of floor hockey – from sticks to storage! 

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Give 12 players everything they need to start playing floor hockey with these customized floor hockey equipment packs! Included are our premium PowerPlay™ sticks in your choice of material by corresponding length to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Full Setup

Get all the equipment you need for your classroom or park and rec program! With this pack, the equipment is instantly ready to grab and move to the gym. This saves you a great deal of time and stress, as it will not be nearly as much work to track down the equipment you need to get started. Most other packs only contain certain pieces, but this one gives you everything!


  • The end of the stick is covered with a soft, plastic end cap to protect users from sharp edges and corners.
  • Best suited for smaller playing groups and young students.
  • Sticks are available in gray and gray and black for easy color coding.
  • Available in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, ABS, and reinforced ABS.

ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Basic Hockey Pack Options

ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Basic Hockey Packs are available in 5 stick options.

  • Basic Packs include:
  • Stick Options
    • 36”L, ABS Shaft
    • 42”L, Reinforced ABS Shaft
    • 47”L, Wood Shaft
    • 47”L, Fiberglass Shaft
    • 52”L, Aluminum Shaft
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