Cosom Power Shaft Floor Hockey Sets

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Shaft is reinforced with a fiberglass dowel for increased durability!

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Give players a friendly option starting out in the game of floor hockey. Twin I-beams run the length of the shaft, with a fiberglass center for extra strength and stability. A strong polycarbonate shaft includes a high-density, non-marring polyethylene blade reinforced with fiberglass for added strength during the hardest shots.


  • Made with polycarbonate, the shaft is incredibly impact resistant. This is the same material used for protective eye apparel, as it is much more impact and scratch-resistant than other plastics on the market. Twin I-beam construction and a fiberglass center dowel only add to the durability of this stick. The end is covered with a soft plastic cap to protect users from sharp edges.
  • A reinforced polyethylene blade holds up to rough outdoor surfaces without damaging indoor floors. It is made to be extremely aerodynamic to produce faster, more powerful shots and passes.
  • Can also be used for street hockey and roller hockey. Blade is meant for younger and beginning players who are not playing intense games.
  • Sticks are available in black and orange with goalie sticks in black.

Cosom® Power Shaft™ Floor Hockey Sets Options

Cosom® Power Shaft™ Floor Hockey Sets are available in sets, in 3 lengths. Individual sticks and replacement blades also sold separately.

  • Lengths
    • 42”L
    • 47”L
    • 52”L
  • 12-Player Sets. Include 12 sticks, 2 pucks, 2 balls, and 2 extra blades.
  • Individual Sticks. Available in Orange or Black.
  • Replacement Blades
    • Orange
    • Black
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