DOM Elite Floor Hockey Sets

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All-fiberglass shaft option is DOM's toughest stick!

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Outplay the competition with these durable sticks that will not chip, bend, or kink. All-fiberglass shafts are made for long-lasting performance, with indoor and outdoor blade options depending on your needs.


  • Fiberglass is the most durable shaft option. It is nearly as light as aluminum, and has a very limited flexibility. This added rigidity provides more power and durability. The end of the stick is covered with a plastic cap to keep all players safe from sharp corners.
  • Choose from an indoor blade made safe for gym floors or an outdoor blade made to handle any sort of playing surface.
  • Can also be used for street hockey and roller hockey. Sticks are intended for intermediate to advanced players who engage in intense play.
  • Sticks are available in blue and black with goalie sticks made of wood.

DOM® Elite™ Floor Hockey Sets Options

DOM® Elite™ Floor Hockey Sets are available in sets, in outdoor or indoor blades, in 3 lengths. Individual indoor sticks and goalie stick also sold separately.

  • Lengths
    • 47”L
    • 54”L
    • 60”L
  • 12-Player Sets. Include 12 sticks.
    • Outdoor
    • Indoor
  • Individual Indoor Sticks. Available in Blue or Black.
  • Individual Indoor Goalie Stick
    • 46”L, Wood
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