DOM® Supersafe™ Floor Hockey Sets

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Tough, yet flexible, outer shell is safer than traditional blades.

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Oval-shaped and reinforced with polyethylene in the shaft, these sticks make the perfect addition to any elementary and middle school physical education program. Our basic foam set gives your younger students a safe, friendly class option.


  • A twin I-beam construction makes this stick stronger than most other plastic hockey sticks on the market. The polyethylene shaft maintains the stick’s shape, resists breaking and kinks and stands up to long-lasting use. Contouring on the handle provides better grip during shots and passes.
  • A soft foam blade protects students from any potential injuries, with an outer skin allowing it to hold up to regular contact with smooth surfaces. The foam design of the stick makes it easier for students to get involved without fear of injury.
  • Suitable for young players who are beginning to learn the game of floor hockey indoors.
  • Available in orange and yellow colors, which makes it easier to split students into teams.

DOM® Supersafe™ Floor Hockey Set Options

DOM® Supersafe™ Floor Hockey Sets are available in sets or pairs, in 2 lengths.

  • Lengths
    • 30”L
    • 36”L
  • 10-Player Sets. Include 10 sticks, 2 balls, and 2 pucks.
  • 1 Yellow/1 Orange Pair