Floor Hockey Balls

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Soft and safe hockey balls for all ages!

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Choose balls in varying sizes, materials, and colors to fit your class’s needs. Your class will appreciate having high-quality, long-lasting balls to keep games flowing smoothly!

Increase the Challenge

Want to add a greater challenge to your floor hockey games? Swap out pucks for balls, which travel much faster and make the game a little more difficult for students. Purchase balls individually or in various colored sets to help improve class organization.

Floor Hockey Ball Options

Floor Hockey Balls are available in sets or individually, in 5 designs.

  • Shield® Speed Control Balls
    • Set of 12
    • Individual
  • DOM® GymHockey Vinyl Balls
    • Set of 12
    • Individual
  • PowerPlay™ PVC Balls
    • Rainbow® Set of 6
    • Set of 12, Orange
    • Individual
  • Mylec® Official Balls
    • Set of 12
  • Shield® Hex Balls
    • Set of 6