Foam Floor Hockey Sets

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Player-friendly, oversized foam heads for safe play. 

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Give your young students a floor hockey option that is both player-friendly and leads to greater success. These flexible round plastic shafts bend up to 90 degrees without kinking and the oversized foam heads provide more hitting surface area.


  • The shafts are extremely flexible, and can bend to a full 90 degrees without breaking or kinking.
  • The friendly foam blade design eliminates injuries, offering a non-intimidating introductory option for young students as they break into floor hockey for the first time. The pucks are also made of foam, which helps encourage more enthusiastic student participation. An oversized blade makes it easier for students to connect with the puck.
  • Suitable for young players indoors who are just starting out with floor hockey.
  • Orange and purple blade colors make it easy to divide students into teams.

Foam Floor Hockey Set Options

Foam Floor Hockey Sets are available in sets, in 2 lengths.

  • 12-Player Sets. Include 12 sticks, 1 regular-sized puck, and 1 oversized puck.
    • 36”L
    • 42”L