Mylec® PVC Floor Hockey Goals

Curved top-back crossbar offers more depth! Folds for easy storage and transport.


This easy-to-assemble street goal is made of 1-1/2” diameter PVC tubing for a light, easy-to-use goal system. Nylon netting is sewn into sleeves that slide easily over the tubing. This is the lightest goal we offer.


  • 1-1/2” diameter PVC tubing is easy to assemble, which eliminates frustration compared to other goals with more parts. PVC tubing is extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to pick up and move.
  • A polyethylene net is an ideal material for outdoor use, as it does not rot in outdoor conditions.
  • Nylon sleeves easily slip onto the tubing while you are assembling the goal, which makes for a secure net-to-frame connection.
  • Back bar stabilization features provide more structure to the goal and keep the net from falling in.
  • Suitable for use in floor hockey, ice hockey, street hockey, and/or roller hockey.
  • Compact goals are 54”W x 44”H x 24”D.
  • Official goals are 72”W x 48”H x 24”D.

Mylec® PVC Floor Hockey Goal Options

Mylec® PVC Floor Hockey Goals are available in pairs with nets, in 2 sizes, folding or non-folding. Replacement nets also sold separately.

  • Compact Goals. Includes pair of goals with nets.
    • Non-Folding, 12 lb
    • Folding, 7 lb 4 oz
  • Official Goals. Includes pair of goals with nets.
    • Non-Folding, 13 lb
    • Folding, 8 lb
  • Replacement Nets
    • 54”W
    • 72”W
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Replacement Compact Net, 54"W

  • Item No: 17-045
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $22.95

Replacement Official Net, 72"W

  • Item No: 17-160
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $25.95


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