Mylec Sharp Shooter Hockey Goal Targets

Improve accuracy and aiming skills with each shot at this target.

Practice shooting accuracy taking aim at the 5 most common areas to score on this target. Players can take a shot at one of the 4 open corners or between the goalie's legs. Suitable for ice hockey pucks and roller hockey balls, practice hockey skills wherever you are.

Made from heavy-duty vintex vinyl, the goal targets are extremely durable and will be able to cope with shots all season long. The weighted bottoms on the targets keep them in place when deflecting low shots. The stylish colorful graphics make the targets attractive as well as functional.

Seven Velcro® straps allow the target to be secured or taken off the goal quickly and easily. Targets are available in 2 sizes. The standard Sharp Shooter target fits goals up to 60"W, while the Sharp Shooter Pro fits 72"W official-size goals.


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