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Gopher PowerPlay™ Goalie Sticks

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Durable plastic blade with your choice of shaft material for the best goalie sticks we offer.

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Choose from a 36”L reinforced ABS plastic shaft or a 42”L aluminum shaft to give your goalie the feel he or she is looking for. Each choice features a rigid blade for peak performance and maximum strength. This is the best goalie stick we offer.

Made for Goalies

This goalie-specific stick is wider than standard hockey blades and features an extended portion that runs farther up the stick, called the paddle. This provides more material for goalies to block shots with.


  • Choose from reinforced ABS plastic or aluminum for the shaft. Aluminum is much stronger and more durable than plastic and wood while maintaining a light weight. ABS reinforced plastic is resilient and stands up to high impact. It is known for easy handling and durability, especially when compared to PVC. The end of the stick has a plastic end cap to protect users from sharp corners.
  • The strong plastic blade will hold up to outdoor and indoor surfaces alike. Its perforated design creates a more aerodynamic feel for better power and speed.
  • Suitable for players of any level.
  • Available in a neutral gray color.

Gopher PowerPlay™ Goalie Sticks Options

Gopher PowerPlay™ Goalie Sticks are available in 2 shaft materials.

  • 36”L, Reinforced ABS
  • 42”L, Aluminum
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