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Gopher PowerPlay Reinforced ABS-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets

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A strong plastic shaft with a fiberglass dowel provides maximum strength for all ages!

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Our ABS shaft uses twin I-beam construction reinforced with a tough rectangular fiberglass dowel that contours to the shaft for the ultimate durability and strength. The smooth, rounded shaft offers a comfortable feel.


  • The ABS shaft features a twin I-beam construction that allows it to maintain its shape even under pressure or load, especially compared to PVC plastic, which will eventually crack. The material is lightweight, which makes for easy handling. A fiberglass dowel in the center adds extra strength and durability. The end of the stick features a soft plastic end cap to keep users safe from sharp edges.
  • A textured polyethylene blade holds up to rough outdoor and smooth indoor surfaces. Its unique perforated design allows it to easily cut through wind resistance for better power and speed.
  • Best suited for youth and beginner players, as the material is not meant for intense play.
  • Sticks are available in gray and black with goalie sticks in a neutral color.

Gopher PowerPlay™ Reinforced ABS-Shaft Hockey Stick Options

Gopher PowerPlay™ Reinforced ABS-Shaft Hockey Sticks are available in sets or individually, in 3 lengths. Replacement Blades also available.

  • Lengths
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
    • 47”L
  • 12-Player Sets. Include 10 sticks, 2 goalie sticks, 3 PVC balls, and 3 PVC pucks.
  • Individual Sticks. Available in Gray or Black.
  • Replacement Blades
    • Gray
    • Black
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