Protective Eyewear

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Durable, yet comfortable eye protection!

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Shield your eyes during floor hockey in a comfortable, reliable way! After all, you never know when a puck will fly up during play.

Eye Protection

Protect your eyes and reduce the chances of injury from sticks or pucks. You can use these pieces of protective eyewear for floor, field, roller, or street hockey, as well as any racquet sports. All models provide full coverage and side protection of the eye area, and simply slip over your head to cover your eyes, resting on the nose and ears.


  • The protective goggles are specifically designed for users with glasses, as they are large enough to fit over the frames while still providing full coverage. Perforated sides allow for proper air flow to prevent fogging of the glasses lenses, so you can keep your vision clear.
  • The wraparound eye guard features a polycarbonate lens with up to 10-times more impact resistance than plastic or glass lenses. They also manage to be thinner and lighter than other materials. Side vents increase airflow and prevent fogging, and a cushioned nose pad adds to comfort.
  • The multiuse eye guard has strong polycarbonate lenses, the strongest material on the market. Fog-proof and distortion-proof designs keep vision unobstructed.
  • The deluxe eye guard is the only one to feature anti-scratch coating, combined with a thin, yet durable polycarbonate anti-fog lens. A nose pad and ventilation features add comfort. This is our longest-lasting goggle option.
  • The all-sport protective lenses have a molded nose piece that will never need to be replaced, as they do not break down. Adjustable temple pieces allow you to customize the fit. These are our most advanced goggles.

Protective Eyewear Options

Protective Eyewear is available in 5 designs.

  • Protective Goggles
  • Wraparound-Style Eye Guard
  • Multiuse Eye Guard
  • Deluxe Eye Guard
  • All-Sport Protective Lenses