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Rainbow® Phenom™ Floor Hockey Set

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Our only Rainbow® floor hockey set is a standout!

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Each stick features a phenomenal one-piece, blow-molded plastic construction, creating a stick that’s extremely durable yet lightweight for easy handling. As a result, it is a standout stick to be used for beginning students.


  • The one-piece plastic construction makes for a secure stick that will last for game after game.
  • An oversized blade promotes excitement and success in younger users, as they will make more contact with the puck for faster, better action during games and practice.
  • Sticks are suitable for youth and beginning players, as they have not been designed for intense gameplay.
  • Sticks and pucks are available in Rainbow® colors, which makes for outstanding organization.

Rainbow® Phenom™ Floor Hockey Set Options

Rainbow® Phenom™ Floor Hockey Sets are available in a Rainbow® Set or ClassPlus™ Pack.

  • Rainbow® Set. Includes 12 sticks and 6 PVC pucks (2-3/4” dia).
  • ClassPlus™ 24-Player Pack. Includes 24 sticks, 12 PVC pucks (2-3/4” dia), 6 official size QwikPro™ Pop-Up Goals, and activity instructions.


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