Shield LTG Floor Hockey Sets

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Shield’s® strongest, toughest line of plastic sticks have a Life Time Guarantee (LTG).

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Extremely durable and infinitely stronger than similar sticks, these high-impact ABS plastic shafts will not crack, break, or splinter. Three different lengths accommodate elementary through high school use; as stick length and corresponding level of play increase, so does the construction and overall strength of the shaft.


  • The ABS plastic shaft gets even stronger as the length of the stick increases. It always maintains its shape at all sizes under pressure, especially compared to PVC. The 36”L sticks feature an extra thick, high-impact, unbreakable hollow AB-plastic shaft. At 42”, a fiberglass center dowel is added to improve durability. At 50”L, a solid dowel is implemented to create even more strength. For all sticks, the end is covered with a plastic cap to protect users from sharp edges.
  • Indoor and outdoor blade options are available. Indoor blades are made to be safe for smooth gym floors, while outdoor blades stand up to any type of terrain.
  • Can also be used for street hockey and roller hockey. Sticks are made for different users depending on age and skill level. The longer the stick, the more intense play it can handle and the older the target audience.
  • Sticks are available in red and blue with goalie sticks in black.

Shield® LTG Hockey Sets Options

Shield® LTG Hockey Sets are available in sets, in outdoor or indoor blades, in 3 lengths. Individual indoor sticks also sold separately.

  • Lengths
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
    • 50”L
  • 12-Player Outdoor Sets. 36”L and 50”L Sets includes 10 sticks (Black/White blades), 2 goalie sticks (40”L), and 2 balls. 42”L Set includes 12 sticks and 2 balls.
    • Outdoor
    • Indoor
  • Individual Indoor Sticks. Available in Red or Blue.
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