Shield Wood-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets

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Will last for years, with shafts that never crack or break!

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Strong, high-quality wood shafts give players a natural, softer feel for the puck. Plastic blades are tough, lightweight, and safe on gym floors.


  • Wooden shafts are stronger than plastic, and provide a somewhat softer feel, especially when compared to other plastic or composite materials. The end of the stick is covered with a plastic cap to prevent injuries from sharp edges.
  • A thick, durable plastic is used for the blade, which is also designed for aerodynamic play for harder and faster shots. These blades withstand outdoor use and are made to be friendly for gym floors.
  • Sticks are suitable for intermediate and advanced players who are playing more intense, high-level games.
  • Sticks are available in blue and red with goalie sticks in black

Shield® Wood-Shaft Hockey Set Options

Shield® Wood-Shaft Hockey Sets are available in sets, in outdoor or indoor blades, in 4 lengths. Individual indoor sticks and goalie stick also sold separately.

  • 12-Player Outdoor Sets. Include 12 sticks (Black/White blades), 2 balls, and instructions.
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
    • 47”L
    • 56”L
  • 12-Player Indoor Sets. Include 12 sticks, 2 balls, 2 pucks, 2 extra blades, and instructions.
    • 12-Player Set, 36”L
    • 12-Player Set, 42”L
    • 12-Player Set, 47”L
  • 14-Player Outdoor Sets. Include 12 sticks, 2 goalie sticks, 2 balls, 2 pucks, 2 extra blades, and instructions.
    • 14-Player Set, 42”L
    • 14-Player Set, 47”L
  • Individual Indoor Sticks. Available in Red or Blue.
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
    • 47”L
  • Individual Goalie Stick
    • 40”L
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