SportSkillz™ Floor Hockey Training Station Packs

Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to introduce students to the key skills of floor hockey!


Quickly set up 12 stations with all the premium equipment and easy-to-follow instructions needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of floor hockey. Self-direct packs accommodate all ages and require little guidance from the teacher.

Convenient Option

Self-guided stations feature detailed instruction for hockey drills that will transfer directly into games and improve users’ levels of play. Because these stations are self-guided, it saves a great deal of time for teachers, who will not have to write up drills for their floor hockey unit. Instead, all drills and activity ideas are provided and are ready to go. Examples included Soft Hands and Figure 8s for puck and stick handling, Passing for teamwork and puck control, Slap Shot for scoring, Stick Save for defending, and more. Included mesh bags make storage and transportation a breeze.

Easy to Read

Large 18” x 18” station boards make it easy for students to locate and read the instructions so they can master moves themselves. Full color photos and step-by-step instructions make the drills even easier.

These boards are made of a rigid plastic that will not bend or curl after repeated use. Additionally, small detailed teacher overview cards are laminated for extra durability and take all the guesswork out of planning.

Game Options

There are plenty of game and skill drill options outside of the basic game of floor hockey. Examples of included games are Circle Mania, Stick Handling Relay, Shootout, and Mini Floor Hockey. All of these games feature skills that will translate into standard hockey games.

SportSkillz™ Floor Hockey Training Station Pack Options

SportSkillz™ Floor Hockey Training Station Packs are available in 2 packs. Boards/Cards also sold separately.

  • Both Packs Include:
    • Sticks, 24 ea
    • Goalie Sticks, 2 ea
    • Pop-Up Goals, Set of 2
    • PVC Pucks, Set of 12
    • PVC Balls, Set of 12
    • Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones, Set of 12
    • Stick Storage Bags, 2 ea
    • SportSkillz™ Station Boards/Cards
  • Beginner Pack. Includes 36”L Sticks.
  • Intermediate Pack. Includes 42”L Sticks.
  • SportSkillz™ Station Boards/Cards Only
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Station Boards/Cards Only

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