UltraSoft™ Floor Hockey Sets

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Our softest, safest hockey sticks!

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Our softest, safest hockey sticks!


  • The hollow plastic shaft provides excellent flex and less rigidity than you’d find in other materials, which is an additional safety element for when players make contact with the stick.
  • The friendly foam blade construction provides a non-intimidating introduction to the sport of floor hockey. Each stick has a foam blade and comes with foam pucks and balls, which gets students more involved in the game as they do not have to fear being hit and injured. Foam sticks are for indoor use only. A durable outer skin on the blade keeps the stick strong enough to handle play on smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Suitable for young players who are playing floor hockey for the first time indoors.
  • Color-coded sets allow you to easily divide your students into teams. Colors are blue and yellow, with goalie sticks in a neutral color.

UltraSoft™ Floor Hockey Set Options

UltraSoft™ Floor Hockey Sets are available in sets, in 3 lengths.

  • Lengths
    • 30”L
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
  • 10-Player Sets. Include 10 sticks, 1 foam ball, and 1 coated-foam puck.
  • 20-Player Sets. Include 20 sticks, 2 foam balls, and 2 coated-foam pucks.
  • 10-Player ClassPlus™ Packs. Includes 10 sticks (36”L), 1 foam ball, 1 coated-foam puck, 2 goals, and a storage bag.
  • 10-Player ClassPlus™ Packs. Includes 20 sticks (36”L), 2 foam balls, 2 coated-foam pucks, 4 goals, and 2 storage bags.


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