UltraSoft™ Polo Sets

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Soft foam heads help keep the game safe!

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A lightweight, yet durable plastic shaft and soft foam heads make these sticks ideal for polo beginners. The molded skin on the head resists flaking and chipping, allowing them to withstand routine institutional use.


  • These sticks come with a plastic shaft that is hollow for better flex, which makes them safe when they come into contact with students. A contoured handle provides a better, more secure grip.
  • The blade heads are made to be as friendly and non-intimidating as possible with a foam construction. All balls also come in foam, which helps get students more involved in the game as they will be less fearful of injury. A durable outer skin provides extra cushion upon contact while adding strength to hold up to regular use on smooth playing surfaces.
  • Suitable for young players indoors who are just beginning to learn the game of polo.
  • Blue and yellow colors make it easy to divide students into teams.
  • Each stick features

UltraSoft™ Polo Set Options

UltraSoft™ Polo Sets are available in 3 sets, in 3 lengths.

  • Lengths
    • 30”L
    • 36”L
    • 42”L
  • 12-Player Sets. Include 12 sticks and 2 foam balls.
  • 24-Player Sets. Include 24 sticks and 4 foam balls.
  • 12-Player ClassPlus™ Pack. Includes 12 sticks (36”L), 2 foam balls, 2 goals, and a storage bag.
  • 24-Player ClassPlus™ Pack. Includes 24 sticks (36”L), 4 foam balls, 4 goals, and 2 storage bags.