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QwikPro 2.0 Floor Hockey Pop-Up Goals
RinkPro Floor Hockey Goals
Mylec Regulation Pro Steel Goals
Mylec Steel Floor Hockey Goals
QwikPro Floor Hockey Pop-Up Goals
Mylec Folding PVC Floor Hockey Goal
SlotShot Floor Hockey Goals

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Shoot and score with your purchase of floor hockey nets and goals from Gopher Sport!

PE teachers and coaches can construct a hockey arena, on any surface, using our wide assortment of floor hockey goals. Strong, 2” dia tubing on our RinkPro Goals is built for extreme durability in your choice of ABS, steel, or aluminum.

Folding and pop-up goals with a fiberglass frame spring open, allowing teachers to set up and coach independently while maximizing instruction. Choose from styles and weights from Gopher that meet your team or PE class preferences.

When looking for creative goals for training and PE floor hockey games, our selection has team-building 4-sided goals for a 360° aiming and defending experience. We also have targets to let players improve their game by learning how to aim at specific cutouts.

Which Floor Hockey Goal is Right for Me?


  • PVC: Affordable plastic is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • ABS: Stronger and more durable than PVC. Resists cracking or bending, yet is still lightweight.
  • Steel: The strongest, most durable material will withstand years of use. Great for rugged use.
  • Aluminum: Extremely durable and lightweight for easy transport and storage.

Official vs. Compact

Official goals are the official dimensions for floor hockey and used most with high school and adult players. When space is limited or with younger players, compact goals are the ideal size.

Folding vs. Non-Folding

Folding goals are easy to transport and store quickly in limited space. Non-folding goals require one-time assembly, have no moving parts, and are more stable during play.

Buy dependable and durable floor hockey goals from Gopher!

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