Custom Logo Rubber Footballs

Show your team spirit with high-quality rubber footballs.


Add you school, team, or club logo to our most popular rubber football to display your pride. Deep pebbling and raised laces on our high-quality Performer™ balls are designed to give kids a better grip and increase success in throwing and catching. Adding a custom logo to the balls makes them a touchdown with kids.

Easy to Customize 

Creating your own custom logo football is a simple process! Start by downloading this ORDER FORM. Complete it and pay close attention to the logo file requirements. Send your completed information and logo to the email listed on form. And you are set! Students can enjoy a custom experience with an economic ball.

Amazing Quality

Made with premium rubber, these high-quality balls are built for rugged play. Nylon windings increase the strength of the rubber, making the ball extremely durable and ready for multiplayer use. The strong cover surrounds a rubber bladder for superior air retention. White laces and stripes give the ball an official look and make it highly visible as it sails through the air, helping students develop tracking skills. 

Instant Organization

Easily create teams or divide students for drills using the colorful Rainbow® colors. Teachers can quickly call out a team or station by simply saying the color of the ball. The traditional brown balls give drills and games a more official feel.

Note: Customization requires a minimum order of 8 Sets or 48 Individual Balls.

Custom Logo Rubber Football Options

Custom Logo Rubber Footballs are available Individually in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individual Tan in 2 sizes.


  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Tan


  • Youth
  • Official
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