Fisher® Brute Football Training Sleds

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Durable football sleds for game-like training!

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Offensive lineman can get the game day blocking experience with the flat leaf spring construction which absorbs shock and bounce back during drills. It is designed with individual component stations that allow the training device to be expanded from 2-man sleds to 7-man sleds to accommodate practice needs. This means coaches can break down a 5-man sled into 2- and 3-man sleds to work on separate techniques.

Each sled skid is formed, not cut and welded, for extra durability. It features a 30° angle for a smooth slide over turf and grass surfaces. The main frame is powder-coated to prevent rust for a long and durable lifespan. Each 100 lb impact-resistant pad is triple-stitched for top-notch performance and can withstand harsh weather and years of use.

Man Pads are available in 11 colors for team or school representation. Specify color when ordering. Assembly required. Sled also accommodates a sled platform for coaches (sold separately).

Available in 6 options:

  • 2-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 6'1"W x 5'3"H, 324 lb
  • 3-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 10'1"W x 5'3"H, 508 lb
  • 4-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 14'1"W x 5'3"H, 693 lb
  • 5-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 18'1"W x 5'3"H, 877 lb
  • 6-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 22'1"W x 5'3"H, 1,062 lb
  • 7-Man Sled, 9'10"L x 26'1"W x 5'3"H, 1,247 lb