Fisher® Bull Football Training Sleds

Top-of-the-line football training sleds help players learn how to maximize their power!

Show players how to develop pivotal techniques with these heavy-duty sleds. This football training aid is engineered with a durable pedestal attached to the powder-coated steel frame for exceptional stability. Adjust spring tension for a full range of motion and more realistic game feel.

Man Pad is mounted to the pedestal on a 3" sq steel post at a 30° angle for optimal transitions on grass or turf fields. Vary the pad height from 38", 40", or 42" to accommodate players. Each pad includes hand engagement zones and target numbers indicating where to place hands.

Each sled is fully expandable making it quick and easy for a 2-man sled to transform into a 7-man sled for full team practices. Available in 11 colors for team or school representation. Specify color when ordering. Assembly required. Sled also accommodates a sled platform for coaches (sold separately).

Available in 6 options:

  • 2-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 6'1"W x 4'2"H, 455 lb
  • 3-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 10'1"W x 4'2"H, 704 lb
  • 4-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 14'1"W x 4'2"H, 953 lb
  • 5-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 18'1"W x 4'2"H, 1,203 lb
  • 6-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 22'1"W x 4'2"H, 1,453 lb
  • 7-Man Sled, 9'2"L x 26'1"W x 4'2"H, 1,701 lb


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