Instrux™ Rubber Football

Learn how to throw properly with graphics for hand placement printed right on the innovative rubber football for kids!


Now learning how to throw a football is easier than ever before with graphics for proper hand placement printed right on the ball! 

Made for Learning

This ball acts as a constant reminder in your student's hand of how to hold and throw the ball. It comes with a bright and easy-to-read layout for proper hand placement used while throwing a football that accommodates right- and left-handed throwers. 

For right-handed throwers, the icon is in a green color, and for left-handed passers it is in a yellow color. All of this makes the ball a perfect choice for young students who are developing their passing skills. The printed hand placement is a constant reminder of proper throwing technique.

Great Performance

The ball is made with performance-grade rubber, which ensures it will last through years of rugged play.

Deep pebbling and raised laces make this ball more user-friendly. Players will have a greater chance of success while throwing and catching thanks to the outstanding grip provided by this design.

Outstanding Quality

The Youth size ball is designed with a nylon winding backing for increased strength, ensuring long-lasting durability during multiplayer use. This makes the ball a perfect fit for physical education programs, camps, and rec leagues. The premium cover also protects the built-in rubber bladder that enhances air retention, meaning it requires less maintenance and is always ready for play.

Which football is right for me?
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