Mikasa® Rubber Rugby Ball

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A durable match rugby ball  for all users.

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Featuring the ultimate in durability and quality, this is a rugby ball that has is an excellent choice both for training young players and for providing experienced players with a reliable ball for competitive play. A four-panel, blended-rubber cover offers exceptional resilience and superb grip. It is an outstanding choice for any rugby setting.

Excellent Performance

Designed by rugby players for rugby players to deliver durability and high performance again and again. The stitched polyester cover gives it a durable, comfortable feel, making it perfect for classes, clubs, and teams.

Multiple Sizes

The ball comes in 2 sizes: Youth is a smaller ball meant for preteens and middle schoolers to give them a more appropriately sized option for their training. The other is Official size, which is used in professional games and officially-sanctioned matches for clubs across the nation.

Amazing Design

The stitched rubber four-fold polyester cover is made for extreme durability. It can take a beating from rough play game after game and still be in good shape to go again.

An interior butyl bladder is included and has been made for maximum air retention. Therefore, players don't have to worry about reinflating the ball after use. They can just grab it and be ready to play!

Mikasa® Rubber Rugby Ball Options

 Mikasa® Rubber Rugby Balls are available in 2 sizes. Colors and graphics vary. 

  • Youth
  • Official