Fisher Pop-Up Tackling Trainers

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Speed up tackling drills with a trainer that pops back up without a holder!

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Speed up drills and get unlimited repetitions while learning how to safely tackle! These tackling trainers serve as an extra pair of hands on the training field. With no holder needed, a heavy 24" dia base allows it to pop back up after each tackle. The base is coated with rubber to help prevent stinging or bruising players' legs.

A 3-layer, 18 oz vinyl base, and a single-layer 18 oz vinyl body offer durability so players can tackle time after time, even after the most strenuous drills. The trainer is easily portable with 4 carrying handles so players and coaches can take it anywhere on the training field.

The pop-up trainer is available in 3 sizes:

  • Junior, 45"H, 80 lb
  • Varsity, 60"H, 115 lb
  • Pro, 72"H, 125 lb