Rawlings® Edge Comp™ Composite Football

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Soft, tacky cover gives this Rawlings youth  game ball a great grip.

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A polyurethane composite leather football cover combined with a neoprene, soft-touch foam backing make this ball a durable, friendly option for players of all ages. 

Excellent Design

The ball is designed with a durable composite leather shell, which helps it stand up to long periods of rough play while maintaining its construction and performance.  It is built with a patented double-wall, airtight bladder system to maximize air retention, while the thick composite lace improves a player's grip to improve catching and throwing accuracy.

Perfect for Skill Development

These footballs were made with training for tossing and catching in mind, making them outstanding tools for practicing hand-eye coordination. The 3 sizes the ball comes in make it a great choice for all levels of play and most age groups. The stripes make it easier to track the ball in the air and help kids get used to catching. 

Official Play

The official sized ball meets NFHS and NCAA specifications, giving players a real game experience. The QB12 pattern is the smallest circumference allowed in NFHS and NCAA play, making it more accommodating to players who are still working on developing fundamental skills.

Rawlings® Edge Comp™ Football Options

The Rawlings® Edge Comp™ Footballs are available individually in 3 sizes.

  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Official, NFHS
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