Fisher Sackbak Football Tackle Sleds

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Practice proper tackling and sacking techniques using 3 pad shapes.

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Learning how to tackle with proper form is one of the most important moves in football. So, get the closest simulation to a one-on-one game scenario around with these tackle sleds.

Available with either an attack, cone, or round pad – the sled allows players to practice their tackling technique, while also developing upper and lower body strength. The 285 lb sled boasts a live action spring that makes the player have to work to the best of their ability to take the sled to the ground. Also, the sled is safe to use on any surface with a round steel pipe assuring smooth movement. Wrapped in an 18 oz triple-stitched vinyl and high-quality impact resistant foam, the sled has no sharp edges for enhanced player safety.

The sled is available with your choice of 3 pads:

  • Sled with Attack Pad, 10'7"L x 32"W x 55"H, 285 lb
  • Sled with Cone Pad, 10'L x 32"W x 51"H, 285 lb
  • Sled with Round Pad, 9'11"L x 32"W x 50"H, 285 lb

Available in 11 colors: gold, black, red, forest green, kelly green, maroon, orange, gray, royal, navy, and purple. Specify color when ordering.