Schutt® 02 Maxx QB/WR Shoulder Pads

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Schutt's lightweight and protective pads for quarterbacks and receivers.

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With a smaller arch cut design, players will experience more range of motion while maintaining maximum protection. The pads include Energy Lock Technology made with specialized foam that promotes flexibility and absorbs impact. This technology is made possible through its molecular structure that locks up on impact while dispersing the force throughout the rest of the pads. Hook and loop attachments are placed in key hitting areas for maximum protection. Its upgraded padding is engineered to offer additional protection for heavy-hitting players. The low-profile design and enhanced epaulets eliminate grab points while providing a lightweight fit. TPU cushioning is also placed over the shoulders for the same high-quality protection Schutt® uses in its helmets.

Air circulation is promoted through the perforated EVA foam and O2 Windows which keep players as cool as possible on the field. The pads also feature an air management pad with customizable color for the trim and body cushion. The BIOTHANE™ belt system gives players a locked in feeling for ultimate security. Schutt® 02 Maxx Shoulder Pads includes an improved Clavicle Channel System that is fully adjustable for all quarterback and receiver body types. They are available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL.