Schutt® O-Seven Soft Caps

For summer practices and non-contact drills, this is the most comfortable soft cap around!

Perfect for training sessions, flag football, 7-on-7 football, and practice games, the cap is a triple-layered shell made from high density TPU sheet, with another layer of protection inside the cap. O-Seven Varsity Soft Caps are built to be comfortable, protective, and perfect for all non-contact drills and games.

Protecting against all cuts and abrasions, the custom fit system means that the cap can adapt to a variety of head shapes and still fit like a glove. The cap is also antimicrobial to fight off all mold and mildew meaning that however much you sweat on the field, you'll be protected.

The Soft Caps are offered in three different sizes:

  • Youth Small/Medium - Head size: 6¼ - 6¾, Circumference: 19½ - 21"
  • Varsity Small/Medium - Head size: 6¾ - 7⅛, Circumference: 21 - 22¼"
  • Varsity Large/X-Large - Head size: 7⅛ - 7½, Circumference: 22¼ - 23½"


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