Schutt® Vengeance® Z10 Helmets

Helmet Stabilization System offers a locked-in fit so players can step on the field with confidence!

The new Schutt® Vengeance® Z10 Helmets have a fit unlike any other helmet on the market. The Helmet Stabilization System makes these helmets comfortable and unobtrusive. The internal and external cheek pads give players a locked-in feeling for maximum security on the field.

The bold, high-powered Vengeance® polycarbonate shell, which is available only in the Z10 and Pro helmets, has been reimagined and redesigned to offer a sleek, reduced standoff. A popular choice among pro players, the helmet weighs only 3 lb. This makes it much lighter than others available. During the game, a lightweight helmet goes a long way and stops potential aches in the neck and upper body.

A single layer TPU cushioning inside the shell absorbs more impact for increased safety across a wide range of temperatures. The shell also has extra ventilation holes behind the ear making the helmet extra breathable to keep you cool during the action. Surefit airliner is inflatable for a custom fit.

The helmet also comes with the new SC4 Hard Cup Chin Strap for extra protection and reinforcement. Twist Release System allows for easy faceguard removal. Fits only the Z10 Faceguards (sold separately).

The helmets are available in 4 sizes:

  • Small - Head size: 6 - 6½, Circumference: 19 - 20½"
  • Medium - Head size: 6½ - 7, Circumference: 20½ - 22"
  • Large - Head size: 7 - 7½, Circumference: 22 - 23½"
  • X-Large - Head size: 7½ - 8, Circumference: 23½ - 25"

Available in 13 molded colors. Specify color with ordering:

  • White
  • Scarlet
  • Gold
  • Royal Blue
  • Black
  • Kelly Green
  • Navy
  • Burnt Orange
  • Purple
  • Maroon
  • Dark Green
  • Cardinal
  • Kansas Blue


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