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SoffPlay Footballs


Ultimate combination of softness and durability!

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Ultra-soft yet rugged, these versatile footballs are a non-intimidating option for easy throwing and catching activities. Rotomolded vinyl design is bladderless and allows various inflation levels for more or less bounce to meet students' needs.

Skill Development

The friendly cover on these footballs make them great for new and young users and a perfect substitute for harder rubber balls. Young students can easily build skills through catching and tossing drills and improve their accuracy. The textured cover makes the ball extremely easy to throw and catch, giving students a greater change at success.

Quality Design

The rotomolded cover on these play balls and discs makes them very durable and able to stand up to daily use by multiple players over long periods of time. The seam-free covers are soft and friendly while still staying durable for long-term usage.

Excellent Versatility

The bladderless design allows you to easily adjust the air level for more or less lively bounce depending on the needs of your class. Rainbow colors can eliminate confusion. For example, students will know that the red ball is fully inflated for a big bounce, while the blue ball is slightly deflated to create a low bounce.