Supra™ Football

Our durable, lightweight football using rubber technology eliminates the sting and weight of a traditional football!


Weighing almost 20% less than the Gopher Performer™, Supra™ Footballs are non-intimidating and help teach kids to play football. The raised laces and pebbling aid throwing and catching, while the soft, durable cover lessens the intimidation for young students. Overall, it’s an excellent football for recess or physical education classes. 

Continued Skill Development

The Official size ball gives younger students that might be in-between sizes of footballs based on their strength a great option to continue developing their skills. It is 20% lighter than other traditional rubber footballs, which helps students who are slightly behind in arm strength to avoid developing bad habits as their practice their skills. It also has a pebbled, tacky cover that improves grip, which leads to more success in catching and better accuracy in passing. Simply put, it’s a standard-sized ball (Junior size) but without the challenges of an official football, making it an excellent introductory ball for younger students who are ready to move up in size.

Excellent Durability

The ball is made with a lightweight supra rubber that is backed with nylon windings for increased strength. As a result, the ball is just as strong as those made with performance rubber, but lighter. 

 A durable rubber butyl bladder enables the ball to retain air and shape for longer periods of time. Because of this, students are able to grab the ball and start playing right away without having to worry about inflation.

Rainbow® Colors

The Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to separate their class into different drills according to ball color. For example, students with green balls could work on their spirals, while students with yellow balls practice short or intermediate passes.

Which football is right for me?
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