Fisher Tackle Wheel Football Trainers

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Practice tackling moves from any angle with these innovative tackle wheels!

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The design of these tackle wheels make them a must-have in any coaches' arsenal. Use them to increase tackling technique, wrap up technique, as well as tackling pursuit angles without the need for other bodies, therefore reducing injury. The updated design of these wheels includes rebond foam coated in heavy-duty vinyl. The durable cover helps the wheel withstand even the most rigorous training and drills.

Practice different angles and tackle styles at any age using any of the 6 sizes:

  • 28" dia x 8" thick; 21 lb
  • 36" dia x 8" thick; 32 lb
  • 42" dia x 9" thick; 41 lb
  • 48" dia x 11" thick; 21 lb
  • 54" dia x 12" thick; 24 lb
  • 60" dia x 12" thick; 27 lb